User Committee

STW works as catalyst in the collaboration between companies and Dutch universities. It enables knowledge transfer from university to practice. Setting up a User Committee stimulates this transfer. Twice per year a meeting is held, where users involved are invited to discuss the progress and future directions of the project.


Below you find the presentations that were held during the STW User Comittee meetings.

Delft, 2016-11-23

Hoofddorp, 2016-03-22

Delft, 2015-09-08

Amsterdam, 2014-11-19

The Hague, 2014-02-12

Zwolle, 2013-06-19

Utrecht, 2012-09-19

Delft, 2012-03-20


1SpatialNico Regnauld, Han Wammes
Bentley Systems EuropeJan Blaauboer
ESRIJeroen van Winden
KadasterJan Bakermans, Martijn Rijsdijk
Municipality of The HagueFriso Penninga
Municipality of AmsterdamJeroen de Vries
Municipality of RotterdamMichiel Boelhouwer
OracleShintaro Nagaoka
RijkswaterstaatRené Visser